Bio Last First Position Email (@vcu.edu
unless specified)
bio Wehman Paul Chairman Division of Research, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Director of Autism Center for Excellence, Director of VCU-RRTC pwehman@vcu.org (804) 828-1852
bio Kregel John Associate Director jkregel (804) 828-1872
bio Brooke Vicki Director of Training for VCU ACE and Director of Business Connections vbrooke (804) 828-1873
bio Getzel Elizabeth Director- Center for Transition Innovations lgetzel (804) 827-0748
bio Inge Katherine Director of the RRTC on Employment for People with Physical Disabilities, Director of Instructional Technology kinge (804) 828-5956
bio Schall Carol cmschall (804) 828-6979


Faculty and Staff Listing

Bio Last First Position Email (@vcu.edu
unless specified)
bio Avellone Lauren Research Associate leavellone (804) 827-0756
bio Averill Judy Transition Training Associate jmaverill (804) 827-3653
bio Ayers Bethany Vocational Rehab Counselor ayersbk (804) 828-3396
bio Banks Becky Project Coordinator/ Technical Liaison (765) 674-5886
bio Barker Tamara Vocational Rehab Counselor barkerta (804) 828-7056
bio Bennett Amber Vocational Rehab Counselor  
bio Blankenship Teri Assistant Director of Instructional Technology tcblanke (804) 828-2197
bio Branson Ariell Education Coach  
bio Brooke Alissa Transition Coordinator admolinelli (804) 827-0746
bio Brown Alecia Research Associate brownar8 (804) 828-5628
bio Brown-Conklin Angela Fiscal Operations Coordinator abrownconklin (804) 828-3206
bio Camden Jaclyn Business Liaison allenjl4 (804) 828-2548
bio Carr Staci Technical Assistance Associate secarr (804) 828-1247
bio Carter Paige Technical Assistance Associate pjcarter  
bio Carter Tajuana Education Coach  
bio Champoux Maddy Vocational Rehab Counselor champouxmk (804) 828-7054
bio Coburn John Senior Training & Technical Assistance Associate vcjohn  
bio Coffey Laura NTDC Ticket to Work Helpline Training Coordinator (502) 479-5865
bio Cogar Teresa Training Associate tlcogar (804) 828-5628
bio Commodore Nakia Senior Research Administrator wynnnd (804) 828-2786
bio Dinh Jennie Education Coach  
bio Doss Robert Office Assistant dossrh  
bio Dubois Tommy Vocational Rehab Counselor tadubois  
bio Erickson Doug Database Administrator doerickson (804) 827-0760
bio Falk Gail NTDC Web-Course Coordinator (319) 331-6963
bio Ferrell Connie Trainer & Technical Assistance Liaison cdferrell (765) 352-9448
bio Fulton Brooke Education Coach  
bio Giambra Nick Fiscal Specialist giambrana (804) 828-8567
bio Goldfarb Megan Education Coach  
bio Graham Carolyn Research Associate cwgraham  
bio Groah Christine Assistant Director, CTI chgroah (804) 827-1282
bio Ham Whitney Training & Technical Assistance Associate hamwa (804) 828-0618
bio Hamilton Kristen Vocational Rehab Counselor hamiltonkm2 (804) 827-2883
bio Hart Alicia Training Associate ajhart  
bio Haskins Katherine Vocational Rehab Counselor Katherine.Ha... (804) 827-0752
bio Helmboldt Emily Technical Assistance Associate echelmboldt (804) 828-3579
bio Hence Crystal Vocational Rehab Counselor level2test (804) 828-5637
bio Hendrixson Bess Office Specialist emhendrixson  
bio Holland Lisa Transition Training Associate ldholland (804) 827-0661
bio Hoster Samantha ACE-IT Academic Support hostersm  
bio Jacobs Morgan Education Coach  
bio Jennings Samantha Vocational Rehab Counselor jenningssp  
bio Johansen Jennica Vocational Rehab Counselor johansenjg (804) 827-0751
bio Johnson Kendra Vocational Rehab Counselor johnsonkl4 (804) 827-1722
bio Jones Leigh Assistant to the Director of Social Security Programs lmjones3 (301) 790-1276
bio Jones Shannon Director of Technology msmcmanu (804) 827-0745
bio Kalafatis Ebony Vocational Rehab Counselor ehedhkalafat (804) 828-2326
bio Koehler Julie Clinical Supervisor jkoehler (614) 469-3474
bio Lamberson Tomoya Vocational Rehab Counselor tplamberson (804) 827-2882
bio Lau Stephanie Training Associate sjlau (804) 827-0753
bio Layden Selena Assistant Director of Training smjoy (804) 828-9548
bio Lemieux Michaela Vocational Rehab Counselor lemieuxmm (804) 828-5957
bio Lentz Alex ACE-IT Academic Support lentzar  
bio Ligon Kelly Research & Demonstration Associate kligon (804) 827-0998
bio Lynch April Vocational Rehab Counselor lynchas (804) 828-754
bio Martin Roberta Executive Assistant to the Director rsmartin (804) 827-0581
bio McAdam Mary Web Communications Specialist (804) 827-2884
bio McCarthy Bonnie Senior Finance Administrator blmccarthy (804) 828-9910
bio McClaine Kaelah Office Assistant (804) 828-1640
bio McColgan Katie HR Manager mccolgankh (804) 828-2360
bio McDonough Jennifer Project Director jltodd (804) 828-6984
bio McDougal Mary Grants & Contracts Administrator (804) 828-2433
bio Miller Austin (804) 828-0830
bio Miller Lucy Technical Assistance Liaison lamiller (502) 899-1391
bio Monasterio Dante Training Assistant dmonasterio  
bio Monger Christi Vocational Rehab Counselor crmonger (804) 828-5640
bio Morris Jessica Educational Technologies Specialist (804) 827-1434
bio Moye Soraya Grants & Contracts Specialist (804) 827-0759
bio Mustafa Mahad Education Coach  
bio Muth Andy Vocational Rehab Counselor andrew.muth@... (804) 828-1160
bio Nadipalli Sandhya Web Designer nsnadipalli (804) 827-0757
bio Olin Connor Web Developer Assistant ncolin  
bio Palko Sue Autism Consortium Coordinator palkosm (804) 827-0740
bio Paul Stefanie Trainer & Technical Assistance Associate smpaul  
bio Pitonyak Cyndi Technical Assistance Associate crpitonyak  
bio Portner Ashley Education Coach  
bio Prohn Seb Career Education Associate (804) 828-2315
bio Rachel Colleen Research Associate  
bio Randall Cathy Training & Technical Assistance Associate cmrandall  
bio Revell Grant Distance Education Specialist wgrevell (804) 828-6989
bio Ridgely Mary Regional Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator mridgely  
bio Roberts Jeanne Graphic Designer jmrobert (804) 828-2325
bio Roberts Megan Grants & Contracts Technician robertsml2 (804) 827-0744
bio Rose Jill Video Photographer jrose3  
bio Rounds Rachael Business Connection Program Manager roundsrs (804) 827-0754
bio Russell Chelsea Demonstration and Training Specialist cerussell2 (804) 827-0747
bio Schall Julie Administration & Technology Coordinator (804) 827-0741
bio Scott Brianna Student Worker SOERRTCSTWK1  
bio Seward Hannah Research Associate sewardhe  
bio Shea Jan Transition Technology Training Associate djshea (804) 828-2057
bio Sleeth Mona Office Assistant rjsleeth (804) 827-0742
bio Smiles-Tharp Shannon Training & Technical Assistance Associate sgsmiles  
bio Smith Jan Grants Administrator jssmith (804) 828-8378
bio Sneed Zach Vocational Rehab Counselor (804) 827-8130
bio St. John Kendel Transition Training Associate kstjohn  
bio Taylor Josh Training Associate jtaylor66 (804) 827-2885
bio Tessema Ebenezer ACE-IT Academic Support tessemae2  
bio Thompson Katie Research and Training Associate kbthompson  
bio Traylor Taryn Autism Consortium Coordinator tgtraylor (804) 827-2685
bio Weiss Aliza Career Support Specialist ahweiss (804) 827-1323
bio Wentland Charlene Training & Technical Assistance Associate chwentland (757) 817-7125
bio White Justin-Mychal Training Assistant jmwhite3  
bio Whittenburg Holly Site Coordinator whittenburhn (757) 774-6828
bio Woolard Noel Technical Assistance Associate woolardn (804) 436-2559
bio Yantis Colin Web Applications Developer yantisgc (804) 827-0743
bio Zhu Ming Director/Network Administrator Data Security zhu (804) 828-2221