Disability Awareness: Increasing Employers Understanding of the ADA, Accommodations & Other Supports in the Workplace
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course outline

i. introduction

ii. my story

iii. history

iv. myth & facts

v. research

vi. etiquette

vii. case studies

viii. resources

ix. completion certificate



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I. Introduction

Disability Awareness Includes:

  • An interactive and open forum for examining the stereotypes and misconceptions about people with disabilities

  • Changing attitudes and behaviors that prevent growth of the company or organization

  • Developing skills that will help staff effectively communicate and work with people with disabilities

This Training has been designed for:

  • Employers

  • Managers/Supervisors

  • HR professionals, and

  • Co-workers

What are the Potential Benefits to your Company or Organization?

  • Quality of your company or organization’s workforce is improved

  • Increased productivity, creativity, and opportunity

  • Enhanced employee relations

  • Ability to provide services that cater to customers with disabilities


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