Disability Awareness: Increasing Employers Understanding of the ADA, Accommodations & Other Supports in the Workplace
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course outline

i. introduction

ii. my story

iii. history

iv. myth & facts

v. research

vi. etiquette

vii. case studies

viii. resources

ix. completion certificate


my story 

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II. My Story

The following link will take you to a web board.  In the web board, briefly describe your first experience working with a co-worker with a disability. If you have not had an experience with someone with a disability at work, please use a community experience with someone with a disability. Please include in the description:

  • your first reactions;
  • how you felt;
  • whether the person worked;
  • whether you felt comfortable during the experience (and why or why not).
Web Board   [this link will open a new browser window; when you are finished with the web board, close the new window]



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