VCU-ASD Career Links (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

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VCU ASD Career Links is a collaborative initiative between VCU and the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS).  In this project we are examining:

  1. a longitudinal analysis of VR service delivery and employment outcomes among DRS clients with ASD;
  2. the impact of intensive community-based work experiences on the employment outcomes of youth with ASD;
  3. the postsecondary school participation and ultimate employment of college students with ASD; and
  4. the impact of personal digital assistants (PDAs) on the employment outcomes of individuals with ASD.

The primary target population for this research is individuals with ASD, with an emphasis on youth and young adults. Our project is working collaboratively with four local school districts in the Richmond area and the Faison School for Autism who will enroll youth with ASD into the project.  The project is also working with colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The studies in this project include:

Study 1: A Prospective Study of the Relationship between the Amount and Type of VR Services and the Employment Outcomes of Individuals with ASD

Study 2: A Collaborative Public/Private Employment Training and Placement Model for Transition Age Youth with ASD

Study 3: Identifying Effective Components of a Collaborative Career Planning Model for Individuals with ASD in Postsecondary Education Settings

Study 4: ASDATC (Autism Spectrum Disorder Assistive Technology for Cognition) Project:  Demonstrating the Effectiveness Handheld Computers as Assistive Technology in Job Support for Individuals with ASD

If you would like more information on any of the VCU ASD Career Links studies, please contact:

Jennifer McDonough
Project Coordinator

This project is funded by the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project (DRRP) grant #H133B080027  from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).