Resources: Social Security

1619(b) Fact Sheet (Redbook)

2005 Student Earned Income Exclusion Fact Sheet

2006 Student Earned Income Exclusion Fact Sheet

Advocacy Skills and the Social Security Administration

Advocacy Skills and The Social Security Administration - Vol. 1, Vol 1, No. 1, February 2003 Fact Sheet

Age 18 Benefits Check-Up for Transition Age Youth: A Guide for Students, Families and Professionals

Age 18 Benefits Check-Up for Youth Transition Demonstration Participants:A Guide for Students, Families, and Professionals Fact Sheet

An Evaluation of the Progression of Disability Benefits Among Workers in American Industry: Impact, Outcomes and Implications Monograph

Barriers to Successful Transition for Young Adults Who Receive SSI and Their Families

Beneficiary Experiences: Entitlement and Return to Work for Social Security Disability and SSI Beneficiaries

Calculating Break-Even Points

Calculation Sheet Briefing Paper

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Website

Deeming Basics

Developing Written Benefits Analysis Summaries

Disability program differences for Individuals Who are Blind

Early Intervention and Diversion Strategies as a Means for Stemming the Growth in Social Security Disability Programs

Effect of PASS on SSI Benefits

Eligible Couples

Eligible Couples Briefing Paper

Establishing Social Security Eligibility

Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Briefing Paper

Extended Medicare Provisions

Extended Medicare Provisions Briefing Paper

Facts about Rental Liability for SSI Recipients

Forms: BWE Request Form

Forms: IRWE Request Form

How Income Affects SSI Eligibility and Payment Amount

How Resources Affect SSI Eligibility

How to Calculate Earnings for Wage Reports

HUD Earned income disregard request letter

HUD Proposes Expansion of Expense Deductions and Income Disregard

IDAs and PASS: Exploring the Opportunities

Injecting Competition into Public-Sector Return to Work: Prospects for the "Ticket to Work" Initiative

Job program aids disabled Tickets' help disabled find jobs

Lessons from the Foreign Experience: How Some Other Countries Deal with the Current United States Barriers to Employment of People with Disabilities

Make Sure You Get Your 2007 Stimulus Payment

Managing a BPAO Case Load Fact Sheet

Medicaid Home and Community Based Services

Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy

Medicare Savings Programs

Medicare Website

Navigating the World of Adult Services and Benefits Planning

Notice of Change in Earnings Status

Older Workers' Progression from Private Disability Benefits to Social Security Disability Benefits

Parent to Child Deeming Briefing Paper

Parent-to-Child Deeming

PASS #1: Form SSA-545

PASS #2: Candidate Checklist

PASS #4: Monthly Expense Sheet

PASS #5: Tips for Managing Your PASS

PASS Development Steps

PASS Requirements for a Business Plan


Pickle Screening Tool

Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) Briefing Paper

Post Eligibility Policies and Procedures: Eliminating Disincentives to Employment in the SSA Benefits Program

Progression of Disability Benefits

Progression of Disability Benefits as a Measure of Disability Management Program Effectiveness: Implications for Future Research

Progression of Disability Benefits: A Barrier to Independence for Persons with Neurological Impairments

Progression of Disability Benefits: A Perspective on Multiple Sclerosis

Reporting Work Activity to the Social Security Administration

Retrospective Monthly Accounting

Return to Work Within a Year of Onset for Title II Disability Beneficiaries

Signing Forms

So Your PASS was Approved - Now What? Tips for Helping Beneficiaries Manage a Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)

Social Security Disability Income: Programmatic Differences for Individuals Who are Blind Briefing Paper

Social Security Acronyms

Social Security Disability Benefit Issues Affecting Transition Aged Youth

Social Security Disability Benefit Issues Affecting Transition Aged Youth Briefing Paper

Social Security Disability Benefit Issues Affecting Transition-Age Youth

Special Medicaid Beneficiaries

Special Medicaid Beneficiaries Briefing Paper

Special Medicaid Beneficiaries- CMS Paper

Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming

Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming Steps

SSA's Current Efforts to Implement the Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement Act

SSI and Adults with Disabilities: Background, Trends, and a Study of Participation

SSI and Age 18 Redeterminations

SSI and Resources Briefing Paper

SSI Calculation Chart

SSI Calculation Chart - Eligible Couple

SSI for Homeless Beneficiaries

Student Earned Income Exclusion Factsheet

Subsidy and Special Conditions Briefing Paper

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income and Age 18 Redetermination

Supplemental Security Income and Age 18 Redetermination - Vol 1, No. 2, February 2003 Fact Sheet

Supplemental Security Income and Vocational Rehabilitation for Transition-Age Individuals with Disabilities

Supplemental Security Income Work Incentives and Transition Students: The Role of School Personnel

Supplemental Security Income: Programmatic Differences for Individuals Who are Blind Briefing Paper

Survey results from a national survey of community rehabilitation providers holding special wage certificates

The Effect of Income on SSI Eligibility And Cash Benefit Amount Briefing Paper

The facts ma’am just the facts: Social security disability benefit programs and work incentives

The Precarious Safety Net: Supplemental Security Income and Age 18 Redeterminations

The Role of CWICS in Supporting Employment Networks under the ticket program

The Supplemental Security Income Program and Employment for Young Adults with Disabilities: An Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey on Disability

The Supplemental Security Income Program and Employment for Young Adults with Disabilities: An Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey on Disability

The Ticket to Work Program

The Work Project Survey: Consumer Perspectives on Work

Tips for CWICS: Offering Benefits Advisement for Beneficiaries with TANF Cash Assistance in the Household

Trial Work Period Fact Sheet

TWP/EPE Tracking Chart

Understanding 1619(b) Briefing Paper

Understanding Expedited Reinstatement

Understanding Health Coverage Options Briefing Paper

Understanding In-Kind Support and Maintenance

Understanding Medicare Briefing Paper

Understanding Section 301

Understanding Social Security Child's Benefits - Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Substantial Gainful Activity - Questions & Answers

Understanding the Impact of Foster Care Payments on SSI Benefits

Understanding the Impact of Work, Earnings, and IDAs On Social Security Disability Benefits

Understanding the SSI Work Incentives

Understanding Unsuccessful Work Attempts (UWA)

Use of Social Security Work Incentives by Supported Employment Agencies and Consumers: Findings from a National Survey

What Is A Plan For Achieving Self--Support?

When to Write a Benefits Analysis or Summary Fact Sheet

WIPA Chart Review

WIPA Eligible or Not? - A Quick Reference

WIPA Organization Survey

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program: Current program results document the program's ability to improve employment outcomes, reduce dependence on benefits,and generate cost savings for SSA

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance: Assisting Beneficiaries to Obtain Employment and Reduce Dependence on SSA Benefits