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National Core indicators: Data on the current state of employment of adults with IDD and suggestions for policy development

by Butterworth et al

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Butterworth et al, (2015). National Core indicators:  Data on the current state of employment of adults with IDD and suggestions for policy development. Journal of Vocational rehabilitation, 42 (2) 209-220.


BACKGROUND: Rates of integrated employment among people with IDD receiving services are low and have remained essentially unchanged for the past ten years. National Core Indicators © (NCI) data provide an important window on the employment and employment outcomes of people with IDD receiving services.

OBJECTIVE: To use NCI data to describe the employment status of individuals supported by state IDD agencies, to compare outcomes of those in and those not in integrated employment, and to propose policy suggestions to increase the numbers if individuals with IDD receiving services in integrated employment.

METHODS: NCI data from 2012-13 were analyzed to look at the demographics, outcomes and employment status of NCI respondents.

RESULTS: The data highlighted in this article illustrate the employment, employment support, employment type, wages, hours and selected employment outcomes of individuals with IDD who receive public services.

CONCLUSIONS: Improving the level of participation of people with IDD in integrated employment and the quality of employment outcomes in terms of choice of job, individual or group supports, rate of pay and type of work must continue to be a priority for states.

Reprinted from the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation with permission from IOS Press.


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