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Supported employment program development and research needs: Looking ahead to the year 2000

by Wehman, P., West, M., & Kregel, J.

Article identifying 10 key areas of supported employment policy in which more research is needed for the continued success of the supported employment program:

  1. consumer choice and self-determination;
  2. enhancement of meaningful employment outcomes;
  3. employer needs and perceptions;
  4. natural supports;
  5. cost-benefit analysis;
  6. unserved/underserved populations, including individuals with the most severe disabilities and members of atypical disability groups;
  7. extended services;
  8. systems change;
  9. regulatory changes;
  10. cooperative agreements and interagency collaboration.

Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, 34(1), p. 3-19. 1999.


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