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Toward a customer-driven approach of supported employment

by Brooke, V., Wehman, P., Inge, K., & Parent, W.

Describes a customer-driven approach to supported employment and contrasts this approach with current practices in the field. The first section presents background information about the evolution of supported employment as a service option for individuals with disabilities. The second section describes the new customer-driven approach to supported employment where people with disabilities are able to exercise choice and control. The best practices which form the foundation for the proposed new approach are presented and key components of this approach are contrasted with practices currently operating in the field. Major components of the customer-driven approach to supported employment are: the concept of customers not consumers, service provider selection, customer profile, career development, employment match, job site training and support, long term supports and extended services. The final section describes the five roles of the community employment specialist: planner, consultant, head hunter, technician, and community resource.

Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, p. 308-320. 1995.


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