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2006 Webcast Brochure
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"We have found this to be an excellent training program and very beneficial to us as a rural rehabilitation agency. Travel costs for my staff to attend a course such as this cost us close to $800 and as a small agency, we can not afford to send new staff as we would like to do. This has been very helpful!" - Testimonial

Supported Employment Web-based Certificate Series - Jan. 16 - April 17, 2006

This online course provides an extensive overview of supported employment and how to facilitate competitive jobs for individuals with significant disabilities. There will be 6 lessons posted every 2 weeks. Access this information any time of the day to complete the assignments. Approximately 6-8 hours should be allowed per lesson for course completion. Earn 3.5 CEUs or 35 CRCs, and a certificate of completion. Cost: $195 per individual. Find Out More and Register Online

Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness - Jan. 30 - May 1, 2006

This online course provides an extensive overview of supported competitive employment for individuals with mental illness. There will be 6 lessons posted every 2 weeks. Sessions will include information on these important topics: evidence-based practice and research base, career development, customer choice, cultural competency, marketing and job development, developing business partnerships, interagency collaboration, self-employment, workplace supports / coworker supports, social security work incentives, and funding , evidence-based practice and research base, Earn 3.5 CEUs or 35 CRCs, and a certificate of completion. Cost: $195 per individual. Find Out More and Register Online

2006 Webcast Series

2006 Webcast Brochure The webcast series allows you to connect to live video presentations using your computer. The presentations will be followed by a live chatroom sessions where you will be able to ask questions directly of the presenters from your computer. Don't miss this opportunity to receive live presentations on current topics.

You may register for the series or for single webcasts. Meet the Presenters and Register Online

Register Now for APSE Mental Health and Employment Conference

APSE is now accepting registrations for the mental health and employment conference: Employment First: The Road to Recovery: A National Symposium on Employment and Psychiatric Rehabilitation -- April 10-11 at the LaGuardia Marriott in New York City. This promises to be an event not to be missed by mental health professionals, kicked off with a plenary address by Robert Drake, PhD (Dartmouth) and followed by an equally impressive slate of presenters and keynote speakers. Registration will be limited, so act now and join your colleagues in an opportunity to gain skills, influence change and learn about successful and researched approaches to supported employment for persons with psychiatric disabilities. For more information, contact Celane McWhorter 703-683-1166. The conference brochure and registration materials are available at http://www.apse.org/.

Upcoming Webcasts

John Coburn Date:  01/24/2006
Title:  Medicare Part D: Assisting Working Beneficiaries in Managing the New Benefit
Presenter:  John Coburn

John Coburn is a senior policy analyst and attorney for Health & Disability Advocates (HDA). As part of his work with HDA, John directs the Make Medicare Work Coalition, which provides education and policy advocacy around the new Medicare Part D benefit. John has provided technical assistance and training to service providers from around the country on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ADAP, and other public benefits programs. Learn more & Register for the Webcast

Wendy Strobel Date:  01/26/2006
Title:  Technology & Transition for Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Presenter:  Wendy Strobel

Wendy Strobel is the Director of Training of Demand Pull at Technology Transfer Rehab Engineering Research Center, University at Buffalo. In this webcast, Wendy will discuss the new definition of learning disability and the functional limitations associated with it. She will explain the rights and responsibilities of people with LD as they move to post-secondary and work environments. And, she will review the current technology and the evolution of mainstream technology as effective tools for people with LD. Learn more & Register for the Webcast

Worksupport Connections Vol. 1, #2: Self-Advocacy: Opening the Door to One Stop Career Center Services?

Factsheet cover

To successfully navigate the service arena in route to employment, individuals must know how to use self-advocacy skills to describe their interests and needs. With the new option of acquiring employment services through One-Stop Career Centers, it is even more important for a customer with a disability to develop and effectively use self-advocacy skills. This informational fact sheet offers tips and strategies to foster a better working relationship between a customer with a disability and the One-Stop Career Center. Read the Self-Advocacy fact sheet

University of Iowa Employment Policy Group Smart Start’s Speakers Series

Topic: Inclusive Employment Best Practices
Offered at the following locations and dates:

  • Mason City, IA
    02/02/2006, 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Ames, IA
    02/03/2006,  9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

All the legal statutes that have been passed by Congress related to disability services promote meaningful employment. There are no laws promoting sheltered employment; there are no laws promoting day program services or protracted day program institutionalization. Even for those individuals with the most severe disabilities, there are no laws denying the opportunity to work. As the field of community employment for individuals with disabilities continues to develop, youth with disabilities, their families, schools, direct service providers, and policy-makers are called on to face a wide set of challenges. Dr. Paul Wehman will provide a forum for individuals from a variety of disciplines to discuss new directions in the field and to share their own challenges in the field. Find out more and register at: http://www.e-epg.info/calendar/