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Neil Romano

Date: October 17, 2005
Time: 2:00 PM ET (Archive available after the event for registrants.)
Title: Hiring People with Disabilities - Good Public Relations or Good Business?
Presenter: Neil Romano

Mr. Neil Romano will discuss the value of hiring individuals with disabilities from a business perspective. He will explore such pertinent business issues as: Can hiring people with disabilities actually increase a business’s market share? Would an employee with a disability fit in with my other employees? And, will they be accepted by my customers and clients?

Mr. Romano is considered among the nation’s leading authorities in the field of media and public advocacy. In 2003, Mr. Romano founded America’s Strength Foundation, a private organization designed to help people with disabilities find main-stream employment. Through America’s Strength, he has become an important source of information and assistance on how individuals with disabilities and related agencies can build stronger relationships with the business community. Register Online

Welcoming Workers With Disabilities Into the Workforce Fact sheet

Factsheet Cover

This fact sheet list ten important business reasons to hire people with disabilities. Download the fact sheet to share with businesses and coworkers.


Brown Bag Seminar:
Medicare Prescription Drug Program

Karen Tritz The Brown Bag Seminars are short multimedia training which provide an overview of different disability topics with resources and links for additional information.

In this Brown Bag seminar, Karen Tritz, Policy Consultant, discusses the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. Medicare and Medicaid are the two types of health insurance authorized by the Social Security Act. Ms. Tritz offers an excellent understanding of these programs, with extensive experience on both the state and federal levels. View the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Seminar.

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New Product: Business, Disability and Employment: Corporate Models of Success

Manual Cover This booklet is a collection of successful approaches reported from 20 employers. Companies report success stories related to the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities, along with return to work models of success for when an employee becomes disabled and is returning to employment. Price $24.99, Order Online

Upcoming 2006 Webcourses

Supported Employment Web-based Certificate Series - January 16 - April 17, 2006

This online course provides an extensive overview of supported employment and how to facilitate competitive jobs for individuals with significant disabilities. The course also provides access to nationally known trainers within the convenience of your home. There will be six lessons that will be posted every two weeks. Participants can access this information at any time of the day to complete the assignments. Approximately 6-8 hours should be allowed per lesson for course completion. Interaction is encouraged via discussion groups, e-mail, and individualized conversations with course instructors. Earn 3.5 CEUs or 35 CRCs for participation! A certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who complete the course.Cost: $195 per individual. Find Out More and Register Online

Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness - January 30 - May 1, 2006

This online course provides an extensive overview of supported competitive employment for individuals with mental illness. There will be six lessons posted every two weeks. Sessions will include information on these important topics: evidence-based practice and research base, career development, customer choice, cultural competency, marketing and job development, developing business partnerships, interagency collaboration, self-employment, workplace supports / coworker supports, social security work incentives, and funding , evidence-based practice and research base, Earn 3.5 CEUs or 35 CRCs for participation! A certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who complete the course. Cost: $195 per individual. Find Out More and Register Online