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Joanne Ellis Title: Self Employment for People with Disabilities
Date: November 14, 2005
Time: 2:00 PM ET (Archive will be available)
Presenter: Joanne Ellis, Career Supports, Richmond, VA     Register Online

In 1993, Joanne Ellis co-founded Career Supports, a company that assists individuals who are underserved in the service delivery system for supported employment. Joanne provides technical assistance and training to rehabilitation professionals and to individuals and their families on Social Security and the utilization of Work Incentives. In this webcast, Joanne will provide information on the following learning objectives:

  • Learn the difference between self employment vs wage employment
  • Calculate Net Earnings for Self-Employment (NESE)
  • Understand IRS Rules, Schedule C and the self-employment from tax returns
  • Learn how the wages of business owners impact SSA benefits
  • Describe the difference between self-employment and hobbies
  • Define the role of the BPAO and PABSS in self-employment cases

Get a Job! How Employment Affects Your Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid Benefits


Easy to read guide that answers your questions about why it pays to work when you receive Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid benefits. You will always have more money by working than by not working when you receive Supplemental Security Income. There are several work incentives that may help you pay for things you need in order to work, and you can keep your Medicaid until you earn a very decent annual salary.

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Worksupport Connections, Vol 1 #1: What Is A One-Stop Career Center?

Factsheet cover

Successful businesses continually strive to improve their customer service and productivity. One-Stop Career Centers can support the business community in achieving these goals. One-Stop Career Centers provide workforce training and recruitment services aimed at building a strong and diverse community workforce.

The focal point of the workforce investment system are the One-Stop Career Centers. These Centers support the employment interest of job seekers and the human resource needs of business. What is a One-Stop Career Center?

Disclosure Decisions Guide: To Get the Job

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Every individual with a disability must choose whether to disclose (share) his or her disability with an employer. Primary factors to consider include whether accommodations will be needed on the job or whether a disability is visible or hidden. Other aspects related to the employer and the company may also influence your decision. Follow this disclosure decision guide to determine what will work best for you. Remember, if you choose to disclose your disability, you are protected from discrimination by federal laws. Find out the 3 Steps to Disclosing a Disability

Brown Bag Seminar:  Private Health Coverage

 Daniel Fortuņo

In this online seminar, Daniel Fortuņo, Executive Director of Options: A Benefits Training Foundation, discusses how individuals living with disabilities may be able to enroll in and access private health coverage through employment, unions, and associations? View the Seminar